Bill Pay and Daily Money Management

Paäge et Cie clients rely on us for assistance with personal finance details ranging from repetitive chores such as bill paying and bank account management to organizing and maintaining comprehensive financial records. This is an especially significant time saver for professionals and executives who want to spend more time building their careers as well as spend more quality time with friends and family.

This is also a significant time saver for active seniors and older adults who in their later years would rather spend their time traveling extensively or visiting with friends and family. Conserve resources, time and energy by letting us handle all the intricate details of your personal financial management needs, such as;

  • Open, sort and review bills
  • Organize and track billing information
  • Pay bills electronically or manually
  • Track and ensure timely payment of all bills
  • Transfer funds and maintain accurate bank balances
  • Reconcile bank and credit cards statements
  • Prepare and make bank deposits
  • Provide monthly bill payment history
  • Generate monthly inflow and outflow reports
  • Create and monitor budget
  • Give personal finance recommendations
  • Secure financing for mortgages and loans
  • Provide customized reports, based on the client’s needs
  • Monitor credit reports
  • Work with financial team, – lawyers, wealth managers and accountants
  • Furnish SSA with a completed Representative Payee Report
  • Set-up, manage and file payroll taxes for household employees
  • Track finances throughout the year using personal financial management software
  • Gather and organize quarterly and year-end tax documents for accountant
  • Complete tax organizer and deliver all tax document to accountant, on time
  • Handle any disputes regarding payments on accounts we manage
  • Maintain files for bills paid, bank and investment statements and all documents we manage

Personal Assistant and Lifestyle Management

Paäge et Cie’s customized approach helps clients better manage and execute their personal day-to-day affairs by letting us handle the mundane tasks of everyday living so that they can focus on life’s priorities, enjoy time with loved ones and pursue things that matters most.

We are not just a personal assistant or a lifestyle manager; we are our client’s financial confidante – true to our tagline: “We Manage All Facets Of Your Life”. Our tailored approach will:

  • Supervise household staff and oversee primary and secondary homes
  • Manage household payroll and taxes
  • Assist with property purchasing and refinancing
  • Challenge real estate property taxes
  • Research, select and hire vendors for home repair
  • Negotiate, follow-up, and organize personal workload
  • Keep clients abreast of new frequent flyer programs and benefits
  • Find the best insurance products for health, home, valuables and auto
  • Maintain databases and contact lists
  • Set-up, organize and maintain filing systems, including Important Documents
  • Oversee and manage philanthropic endeavors
  • Handle day-to-day affairs
  • Act as your financial confidante

Household Management

Paäge et Cie works with individuals and families of all ages to help them reset the balance between living their lives and managing their lives by providing personalized household management and payroll services designed specifically to meet their needs and lifestyle.

Our household management and payroll services are a natural fit with our lifestyle management and bill paying best practices, thereby making it a “must have” service for our clients. Some of our clients are busy professionals with no time to spare and older adults who want to enjoy their later years doing what they love, including pursuing extensive travel itineraries. Here’s how we can help:

  • Open, sort and review all incoming mail
  • Pay bills electronically or manually
  • Reconcile bank and Investment  accounts
  • Review insurance policies for proper coverage and work with broker to achieve desired results
  • Supervise household staff
  • Oversee construction and home renovation projects
  • Organize your space
  • Manage philanthropic endeavors

Household Payroll Service

Our household payroll service is designed to complement our personal assistant and household management services. With this convenient service, we take care of the payroll process and all payroll tax issues that arise from hiring household help, and, at the same time, fulfill the financial commitments you have to household staff, including a housekeeper, nanny, healthcare provider, nurse, caregiver and other service providers. We’re ready and able to completely assume all payroll management duties, such as:

  • Apply for, if needed, state and federal  Employers Identification Number (EIN)
  • Background and immigration status
  • Obtain all required documents in compliance with state and federal laws
  • Complete account set-up, including employment taxes and insurances
  • Compile New Hire Reporting according to state laws
  • Arrange Direct Deposit for household staff
  • Complete Payroll Recordkeeping
  • Prepare Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Reports
  • Make all tax withholding payments on time
  • Set-up, manage and file payroll taxes for household employees
  • Issue W-2s annually and on time
  • File W-3s electronically
  • Year-end payroll tax returns (Schedule-H)

Medical Claim Assistance

Paäge et Cie assists our clients in obtaining the full benefits from health care coverage under private and government health insurance plans, including Long Term Care and Catastropic coverage. We organize, submit and manage medical claims with primary and secondary insurance companies and ensure that they are processed accurately and on time.

We also analyze and evaluate healthcare providers’ notes and diagnostic reports along with sometimes confusing communications from hospitals, doctors, labs, pharmacies and other healthcare providers, often from multiple insurance jurisdictions or medical facilities. We become your advocate. Our medical claim assistance service will:

  • Analyze insurance policy benefits and gaps in coverage
  • Research and recommend supplemental medical and prescription coverage
  • Sort and organize medical bills and related paperwork for accuracy and filing
  • Submit and file medical claims with primary and secondary insurance companies
  • Review and verify EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) against actual medical bills to ensure accuracy
  • Track each claim to ensure correct reimbursements are made
  • Assist, whenever necessary, in challenging medical claims denials
  • Negotiate
  • Contact health care providers and insurance companies on behalf of clients
  • Coordinate with health care providers to avoid duplicate payments, benefits and paperwork
  • Maintain well-organized and easy-to-use filing system for all medical related documents

Important Document Management

Paäge et Cie organizes and records all of your vital documents by creating a record that is quick to find and easy to read which can make all the difference in an emergency or life changing events, such as marriage, childbirth or adoption, divorce or death.  Our collection, categorization and protection of every important document for you and your family are extremely helpful for estate planning purposes.

We help you identify and locate important documents – guaranteeing you will have quick, convenient access to your most important papers, when you need them, all the time. We help you identify, locate and record your important documents, such as:

  • Estate planning documents, such as a will, power of attorney and advance directives
  • Important financial records, such as banking and investment records
  • Insurance policies and related paperwork
  • Medical and legal information
  • Personal and vital records (social security, birth certificates, military, licenses…)
  • Real estate documents
  • Safe deposit box contents
  • Final wishes

Executor and Estate Support Services

At Paäge et Cie, we understand the challenges and responsibilities associated with being an executor. Estate Administration is invariably an intricate process which requires patience as the process can take a considerably amount of time to execute. We can assist executors and trustees with the arduous task of preparing for probate proceedings and administering the estate as well as in carrying out the final wishes of the decedent in accordance with state and federal laws. Our Executor and Estate Support Services can include the following:

  • Notify family, friends, associations and financial advisors
  • Assist with burial arrangements
  • Arrange a re-pass, if needed
  • Locate and organize estate documents and financial statements for the attorney handling probate
  • Prepare a list of personal property
  • Identify beneficiaries such as individuals or charities
  • Help distribute the assets
  • Make arrangements for appraisers to review items for sale
  • Contact auction house for liquidation of personal property
  • Identify community-based organizations for donation of unwanted items
  • Dispose of unwanted items not eligible for donation
  • Coordinate change of address and mail forwarding
  • Initiate or open estate bank account
  • Pay debts, including funeral expenses
  • Provide accountant with information to file estate tax return
  • Bill Paying and Daily Money Management

Estate Organization Service

“The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it ” – Dr. Samuel Johnson

One of the absolute best things you can do for you loved ones and your estate executor is to get organized … now.

Through our Important Document Services, we have helped many up and coming executors organize their affairs so that all of their estate documents and vital information are located in one secure location; guaranteeing quick, convenient and easy access, when you need them, all the time. We identify, locate and record your important documents.

The duties of an executor are to locate assets, pay the debts of the decedent, distribute the assets to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the will and arrange your final wishes – funeral arrangements, including final resting place for the remains or cremains. The most challenging part of this process is to locate vital documents and instructions to settle the estate.

In our practice, here are some of the challenges we encounter when important documents and financial affairs are not in order:

  • In an emergency, families scramble to locate important papers such as wills, advanced directives, medical records and cemetery deeds and even the name of the cemetery and where the plot is located.
  • Loved ones struggle needlessly due to poor financial planning or inadequate or outdated advice.
  • Older adults who live independently become so overwhelmed with routine daily activities that they cannot make meaningful decisions concerning their estate planning.
  • Children with aging parents at a loss because they do not have a handle on their parents’ important documents and their locations.

Paäge et Cie can help ensure these regrettably common but totally avoidable calamities never occur by getting your estate documents and financial affairs in order now.

Whether you are 22 or 92, now is the time to get your affairs in order. Think of it as a road map for living a fuller, less stressful life.

We help you identify and locate important documents – guaranteeing you will have quick, convenient access to your most important papers, when you need them, all the time. With our help, you won’t ever have to think about where to find your important documents again. Honestly, this is one of the best legacies you can leave your loved ones and your executor.

Professional Organizing Services

How often have you wondered out loud “Where did I put that?”
How much time have you wasted looking for a specific document?

We are pleased to offer you our comprehensive professional organizing services. Together all our services help you simplify your personal and professional lives so it will be easier to achieve the success and freedom you deserve.
We begin by identifying and prioritizing your organizational challenges. Our systematic approach helps you better manage your time and space, so you can have more balance in your life.
When you’re ready to get organized, our professional staff will:

  • Help you readily access your important documents
  • Set up a custom, easy-to-maintain filing system
  • Find solutions to your ongoing organization challenges
  • Clear the clutter in your mind and workspace to improve your creative energy
  • Enhance your living space and create an environment that supports your lifestyle
  • Increase productivity and save time
  • Suggest items for storage as appropriate
  • Learn how to deal with priorities first

Elder Care Management

Paäge et Cie helps older adults maintain their independence and dignity by providing Daily Money Management and Eldercare services which allow the senior to age in place – in the comfort of their own home or community. We work with clients, their families and caregivers to create and maintain a care plan that is tailored to meet an older adult’s needs.
Whether it’s managing the activities of daily living and medication routines, or paying bills and processing medical insurance claims, our eldercare management services afford active seniors and older adults the ability to maintain control over their personal lives and circumstances. We also:

  • Provide in-home assessment to identify short-term and long-term elder care options
  • Develop a comprehensive and personalized elder care plan
  • Recommend and coordinate appropriate elder care services, support and housing options
  • Arrange for home health care, adult day care, assisted living or nursing home care
  • Coordinate medication and prescription management and personal care
  • Offer a Registered Nurse (RN) to create your loved one’s care plan and provide oversight
  • Provide referrals to other senior care professionals

Elder Relocation Service

We also assist older adults in comfortably relocating to a new home. From making a current residence more attractive and easier to sell to overseeing and managing the move itself, we will work closely with older adults and their families to make the move as convenient and successful as possible. With this service, we will:

  • Work with the real estate broker, financial institution, closing attorney, accountant and all other entities involved with the sale of the home
  • Prepare your home for sale, including organizing and de-cluttering
  • Select a reputable moving and storage company
  • Manage packing and moving as well as arrival and set-up at your new location
  • Make arrangements for appraisers to review items for sale
  • Contact auction house for liquidation of personal property
  • Identify community-based organizations for donation of unwanted items
  • Dispose of unwanted items not eligible for donation
  • Coordinate changes of address, mail forwarding and utility set-up

Special Projects and Additional Services

Beyond our ongoing services described previously, we stand ready and capable to bring to bear all manner of expert assistance for very special, custom projects and if need be, we can provide you with referrals to a range of reliable and trustworthy professionals who, as part of our greater service community, share our values and high standards.
We strive to be your ultimate helping hand … providing you with, above all else, the luxury of time.
We want to be the solution you can call on so that you:

  • Don’t have to battle the frustration of finding the right person to get something done
  • Don’t have to worry about whether a special project will be completed on time and on budget
  • Don’t have to stress about being able to find important documents when you need them

We want to take care of all of the above for you.

With our customized services, you can simplify your responsibilities, gain peace of mind and get your life back. Go ahead, spend more time with friends and family, pursue a hobby, continue your education and make more money. Let us handle the special projects or the tedious, yet important tasks that are interfering with your life and preventing you from enjoying the life balance you deserve.
It’s time to simplify your life with Paäge et Cie. Go ahead and contact us today – you may be very pleasantly surprised at the customized additional services that we can provide.