One task at a time, I am getting my family’s important documents in order – Thanks to “No Time Like Now,” a tips booklet authored by Claudette Paäge, I am doing just that.


Deep down we know that we want and need to be better organized with our personal affairs; but the task seems overwhelming and therefore, we push it away for another day.


Claudette, with her sage advice and common sense, takes the fear out of approaching the task head on. I recently picked up my copy of No Time Like Now and started with one chapter and one task at a time. I am working my way through the book this year. I feel more in control of my life and have less anxiety about the future tasks.


Thank you!


Annette, New York

A consummate professional who exceeds every expectation and acts to integrate my complicated financial and personal lives seamlessly


Claudette has been my most trusted adviser for more than 22 years.


She has a unique ability to organize and facilitate my complex financial life. Whether it is teaching me to navigate computer software for paying my bills and categorizing my expenses, or preparing my multiple tax returns for Trusts or organizing and facilitating the reimbursement of medical expenses Claudette is the source of my financial peace of mind. She synthesizes the various sectors of my life including personal matters with sensitivity and acumen.


She created the LifeBook system for being the single source reference to my investments, legal documents and personal assets that provides an overview for my family and me. It would be a major omission not to note her kind and empathetic concern for me which is intrinsic to my ability to seek her advice on the broadest range of subjects. Claudette is a talented and sensitive person who has guided me well, and upon whom I depend as both a professional and as a friend.

Cos Cob, CT

Trust, integrity, competence, and peace of mind

Claudette, I want to thank you for all the help which you have given my family at such a critical time: my father’s illness and death, my mother’s move, both were difficult enough; living at the other end of the country just exacerbated the hardship. I knew I could place all my trust in your integrity and your competence. When you said you would take care of something, then it did indeed get taken care of! Expediting the clearing of my mother’s apartment, easing the anxiety of selling the apartment long-distance, helping with moving my mother to Texas, assisting with financial and tax issues, all these things you did expertly. Thank you.

I hope that we will be in New York or that you can come to Austin sometime in the future. You will always be welcome here. I look forward to seeing you in the future and catching up on all that is new, joyful, and good in our lives. I am also more than happy to serve as a reference.


Austin, TX

Professionalism combined with honest but kind feedback

I’ve worked on several projects for Claudette, and it’s always a gratifying experience. Her attention to details, ability to give honest but kind feedback and her professional attitude always reminds me of why she excels in helping people of all ages. Plus, she’s an amazing source of information on how to save time and protect oneself when it comes to organizational and financial matters. I wish I had a dozen more clients like Claudette!
Nancy Wagner,
Seattle, WA

 Household management services for multiple residences

I am delighted with Paäge at Cie’s superior household management services. I am most fortunate to have homes in both Brazil and New York City. While I’m in South America, Paäge et Cie is readying my New York apartment for my highly discriminating colleagues and family members. I know that everything will be in its place, the staff will be waiting and all the household bills will have been paid. Since I can’t be in two places at the same time, I rely on Claudette and her team completely. It’s been 18 wonderful years since we were first introduced by our account manager at Chemical’s Private Banking group. I look forward to at least 18 more.
San Paulo, Brazil

Fiercely protecting clients’ rights for their peace of mind

Since the late 1980′s, I have had the good fortune to work with Claudette and Paäge et Cie. to help me keep all the demands of contemporary life in order and functioning well. Their wisdom, doggedness in the face of complicated challenges, fierce protection of client’s rights, and superb problem-solving skills have made valuable contributions to my peace of mind. Furthermore, I have recommended their services to many members of my family and my friends as well, for several reasons besides what I have already described. Paäge et Cie keeps up with IT innovations that help all clients. They are knowledgeable in all fields related to our needs including: mortgages, banking, medical bills, insurance, credit cards, investments, taxes and organization of personal files and information. With their patient, kind and thorough work ethic, everything gets accomplished in a timely way and with gracious good humor.
Dr. Judith R. Birsh
New York

Provides a lifeline that allows us to focus on our family

For over 10 years, you have provided invaluable support for our family. We initially reached out to you to help manage our very complicated medical bills for our chronically ill son. You have created and maintained a system for tracking our family medical expenses, reviewing the accuracy of bills, and communicating with medical offices and insurance providers. Our confidence in you evolved into having you help organize our home and business offices including setting up financial online programs for bill payments, maintaining and providing documentation for clients and taxes, establishing filing systems and advising us on business technology and services. You have been a life line by giving us the opportunity to focus our attention and energy onto the family especially with the unpredictable pressures of critical medical emergencies. Beyond your professional and expert skills, we truly appreciate your discretion, trustworthiness and always cheerful disposition.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weintraub
New York

Dependable and truly interested in her clients’ well-being

Claudette has been helping myself and my wife for about twenty years, starting when she assisted my aged mother, who died in 1994 when she was nearly 100 years of age. After that Claudette has looked after my disabled, and now elderly, sister in every way: maintaining a bank account, handling her Social Security income, paying the rent and other bills, ensuring tax returns are submitted, providing helpers, looking after her medical needs, taking care of crises, some very serious, while always acting coolly, calmly and to great effect.

I am the only close relative of my sister and we live in Australia. My wife and I do not know how we could have managed my mother’s and my sister’s affairs without Claudette. Sometimes blessings are bestowed on us, and Claudette certainly has been one. She is a wonderful, dependable person who is truly interested in the well-being of her clients. My wife calls her our ‘miracle’ worker. We shall always be grateful to her.
Richard & Mirian
Melbourne, Australia

Strong, trustful relationship reaches into next generation

Paäge et Cie was recommended to my family over fifteen years ago when my mother first started showing signs of early dementia which later became Alzheimer’s Disease. Paäge et Cie provided outstanding service to a lady who was reluctant to have any sort of assistance. They were respectful and listened to my families concerns. My mother had grown up on the Upper East Side on New York and was accustomed to a lifestyle and manners that Paäge took great care in finding a suitable staff to fit. A strong trustful relationship was built that endured her illness: they were available at all hours to provide relief for our concerns, all accounting and bills were overseen and taken care of, all medical emergencies were handled with excellence and discretion, and the staff took great care in keeping my mother comfortable and content with unique professionalism.

I was so impressed with their management style that I chose to continue to use Paäge et Cie services for my own household. They created a level of service, with appropriate salaries and benefits, that met the needs of my employees and the ever changing guidance required with three young boys.

They are a real pleasure to work with and surpass my expectations always.

Victoria L. W
West Palm Beach, FL.

Invaluable services for handling insurance claims and finances

Claudette has worked with my family for more than 12 years. I began working with Claudette about two year ago, and in that time she has been able to help me get more than $10,000 in insurance claims. Before that, the insurance companies had paid me nothing. She has been an invaluable resource to me and my family, navigating systems that we don’t understand and don’t have the time and patience to learn. I would experience significant financial struggles if not for Claudette’s help. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Lizzie Hedrick

Handles range of tasks, from paying bills to disposing of illiquid assets

Claudette has been assisting me in all administrative and support functions in my role as executor and trustee of a complex and poorly-planned estate continuously since September 1998. Her help has been invaluable in dealing with law firms, banks, brokers, financial planners, insurance agents and many other third parties. From straight-forward tasks such as paying bills to complex ones such as disposing of illiquid assets, Claudette ensured that all aspects of my responsibilities were addressed, documented and implemented in a timely and orderly manner. Claudette’s help during over 14 years has been instrumental to me and to the beneficiaries of the estate.

Harri V. Taranto
New York

Helps navigate the complexities of modern life, especially healthcare issues

Claudette of Paäge et Cie helped me to navigate health care issues during a difficult year of transition.  She is very knowledgeable about a myriad of issues relating to the constantly changing (and confusing) landscape of modern life.  The client service extended to me was impeccable….extremely knowledgeable, responsive and caring.  Sometimes when we become overwhelmed, it is hard to know where to turn.  Based on the array of services offered and the confidence I have in Claudette professionally and personally, I would recommend you start here.

M. Carminio
Westbury, New York

Helping to stabilize budget and economize while maintaining an excellent quality of life

Claudette Paäge worked for our elderly parents for more than twenty years. She managed their finances, hired aides to assist and care for them and arranged their housekeeping. She also was an invaluable adviser at a critical juncture when their finances were being depleted rapidly, helping to stabilize their budget and economize while maintaining an excellent quality of life.
When our father could no longer manage his finances, Claudette became an independent trustee for two trusts set up by our father. Claudette was a steady hand guiding my sister and me as trustees through difficult family dynamics and financial challenges over a period of seven years. She could always be depended on for thoughtful advice. We are very grateful for her assistance.

Jay Johnson III
Brooklyn, New York