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Paäge et Cie offers

Paäge et Cie

      • Lifestyle & Personal Management Services

        household management; personal assistant services; payroll and payroll taxes; professional organizing; executor and estate support services

      • Daily Money Management Services

        bill paying; bank reconciliation; medical claims processing; important documents management

      • Elder Care Services

        including elder care management and elder relocation

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Paäge et Cie provides many more detailed services

When your financial commitments start managing you, it's time for a change.

You know the feeling…you have multiple accounts, bills due at different times of the month, medical claims to file, a variety of investments and paperwork to handle, caring for aging parents and loved ones…and barely have time for yourself—for personal management. These mundane yet necessary tasks cause stress and worry – one way or another, your bills and financial commitments are managing you. You either spend too much time managing all the details or not enough time managing any of them.


Maintaining what we’ve created is often harder than achieving it. If you have difficulty managing your daily financial affairs or simply don’t have the time or interest to do so, it pays to hire Paäge et Cie, to assist you. Our services will vary because they are tailored to your specific, personal needs. Regardless of the services you choose, they are all meant to make your life less pressured and complicated, more financially organized and to put your mind totally at ease. Are you ready to simplify and enhance your life?

Change your lifestyle today – hand over your “to do” list, and make it ours!

“Paäge [et Cie] has made a career out of helping people wrestle control
over the details of everyday living.” – Westchester County Business Journal

Paäge et Cie

Simplify Your Life!

With our Family Office, Daily Money Manager and Bill Paying Service

Paäge et Cie’s knowledgeable and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing personal attention and customized solutions that give you the financial and organizational freedom you need to spend more time with loved ones, enjoy a hobby, travel, work or just relax. Thanks to Paäge et Cie, managing and organizing your life no longer has to be a dream. Our knowledgeable client service managers will work in tandem with you and your family to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

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We Offer…

personal management services

Daily Money Management Services, including:
• Bill Paying and Daily Money Management
• Medical Claims Assistance
• Personal Assistant and Lifestyle Management
• Household Payroll and Payroll Taxes
• Important Documents Management.

Home & Personal Management Services, such as:
• Household Management
• Payroll and Payroll Taxes
• Personal Assistant and Lifestyle Management
• Professional Organizing
• Executor and Estate Support
• Estate Organization

Eldercare Services, including:
• Elder Care Management
• Elder Relocation Special Projects and Additional Services